Inside Joe Simon and Jack Kirby’s Studio

Curated and edited by writer and comics historian Mark Evanier, The Art of the Simon and Kirby Studio is a massive coffee table comics treasury, a volume that celebrates lavishly the process of comics production, and over more than 350 pages spans lesser-known (and sometimes unpublished) work of industry pioneers Joe Simon and Jack Kirby as well as their studio personnel.

My 2014 Writing

Here is a look back at the writing, criticism, etc. I did on comics and graphic novels in 2014. My work appeared at Hyperallergic, the Comics Journal, in the Chicago Reader, and here, at my site. We moved this year, so some things were put on hold, etc., but I think I produced a fair amount of stuff in 2014 when I wasn’t at my day job or packing boxes, right?

…and like everyone else I know, I am always looking to work with more editors/publications. Let’s do it:

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