Lots of stuff going on — writing long things, not really welcoming fall weather, and oh yeah, we moved. And it’s great. Still in Brooklyn. If you regularly send me books, my address has changed so get in touch (dominic.umile@gmail.com). In the meantime, some things worth reading.


I wrote about copywriting, the plight of an English major, and Michael Cho’s debut graphic novel Shoplifter at The Comics Journal.

The Los Angeles Review of Books on “Julie Delporte’s beautifully rendered new graphic novel, Everywhere Antennas.

Cartoonist Wes Craig’s Blackhand Comics gets collected via Image Comics — looks nifty. Broken Frontier chats him up.


Via Drawn & Quarterly, the upcoming work of comics journalism from Sarah Glidden looks very promising. Looking forward to it.

“The idea is to bring together essays from as diverse a chorus of scholars as possible on … major comics artists.” Robot 6’s Chris Mautner talks to author, professor David Ball about Critical Approaches to Comics Artists.

Smart, long piece here from Sarah Horrocks on a new Emily Carroll collection.

The Museum of the City of New York’s exhibit of illustrations, magazine ad work from Mac Conner looks wonderful.


Writer Damon Herd is “bored, easily distracted” while reading comic series Essex County.

Print Magazine writer Michael Dooley looks at two new books about comics industry innovators.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 8.19.07 AMBecky Cloonan’s haunting comic Demeter wins British Fantasy Award. My 2013 PopMatters post on her minicomics.

“Real criticism thrives in doubt, not in certainty” | Writer Kim O’Connor on R. Crumb, comics crit, more.

The Guardian: “While villainy may be prevalent on comic book streets, those streets come in myriad form.”

Liked this exploration of three panels from Batman: Dark Victory at Comics & Cola.

A site specifically set up for small and micro press comics. Panel Patter has more info.


The New York Times traces the “Rise and Fall of the Biggest Pot Dealer in New York City History.” This is an epic story, with characters and locales so rich and varied that it’s nearly impossible to believe.

LAT reporter to CIA: “I’m working on a story on…drone strikes that can present a good opportunity for you guys.”

When the NYC subway was first designed, “‘They had to actually poke holes in the sidewalks” for ventilation.'”
Image © 2013 Wes Craig. Image © 1954 Mac Conner (via Museum of the City of New York). Image © 2013 Becky Cloonan.