Whoa! Links!


Artist Matthew Roberts illustrates the January issue of The Slate Book Review.

Writer Chris Sims at Comics Alliance penned a lot of words about Stan Lee’s actual legacy. 

Ed Brisson (‘Sheltered,’ ‘Comeback,’ lots more) is putting together new scripts for ‘Murder Book,’ which is awesome, and I wrote about it for PopMatters a while ago.

Anatomy of a cover: ‘Moon Knight’ (1983), artist Bill Sienkiewicz.

moon_knight cover

NYT talks to comics creator Vishwajyoti Ghosh. The Comics Journal chatted him up, too.

Critic Jared Gardner on four 2013 graphic novels/comics that he’ll “read, teach, & write about for years.” (via The Comics Journal)


Hemingway “made the fiction true, including the fiction of himself, and then struggled to keep up with it.” (London Review of Books).  I wrote about Ernest Hemingway’s days as a reporter a while back.


Emily Nussbaum on the unfulfilled promise of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ adaptation. Great discussion, as usual, but I feel good about where Season Four is headed, if a little disturbed about my steadily strengthening tolerance for blood and gore.