Round-up of comics criticism and some magazine journalism stuff.


Critic Tucker Stone has a good piece up at his website on nonfiction graphic work ‘My Friend Dahmer.’

A 2011-era Comics Alliance article on Stan Lee’s ‘Silver Surfer’ work.

David Lapham’s “‘Stray Bullets’ is punctuated with concussive bursts of action that land like sucker punches to the gut,” writes CA’s John Parker.

Comics creator Eric Skillman talks to EC Comics legend Jack Davis. My 2013 PopMatters post on Skillman’s comics.


A wealth of internationally produced comics/graphic novels in Paul Gravett’s ‘Best of 2013’ list.

Columbia University acquires an Al Jaffee archive — non-comics art, MAD Magazine stuff, unused ideas, and more.

Tom Spurgeon interviews comics creator, publisher Rich Tommaso.

Did you get down with Thwipster the first time around? Crazy discounted/daily comics & graphic novels bargains. They’re back.

Chris Mautner is a great writer about comics — he has a list here about books that should’ve earned more looks in 2013. I definitely agree on Joe Ollmann’s book, and I posted on that here.

Writers Justin Giampaoli and Jason Sacks on some new small press comics at Comics Bulletin.

Brian Heater at Boing Boing runs down January’s best comics, shouts-out Philly’s Locust Moon. Hope to visit that shop in March. The Locust Moon folks dug a bunch of stuff in January, too.



“When Longform is Bad Form,” at the Times. Always puzzled when NYT web editors neglect to link to articles cited in their online pieces.

“Online, each story is at best its own magazine, sent out to find its own temporary audience.”

Really dug this Longform podcast with New York/GQ/Philadelphia magazine writer and potential misanthrope Dan P. Lee.