Snowstorm reads — writing on comics, film, music, etc.


Nice, reflective piece at Full Stop Mag on Leanne Shapton’s Sunday Night Movies.

Out now from Titan Comics, French sci-fi epic Snowpiercer gets a look at Verge.

Great essay on Japanese artist Mizuki Shigeru & American horror comics at Comics Bulletin.

A whole bunch of new comics get reviewed at The AV Club, including Deadly Class, Nijigahara Holograph, and more.

At The Comics Journal, Robert Stiebel looks at Jack Kirby’s work in a 1968 issue of Captain America.

Writer Zainab Akhtar on the wonders of French comics creator Gilles “Boulet” Roussel.

Drawn & Quarterly has issued a print collection of Michael Deforge’s ant comics. They’re wild, and I wrote about the book for The Chicago Reader.

The February issue of PRINT has a lengthy piece from Michael Dooley on censorship of comics & graphic novels in U.S. I posted about this piece here.

Great Forbidden Planet Int’l post on Nick Sousanis’s doctoral dissertation, which he’s preparing in comics form.

Wow: Pinocchio from French comics creator Vincent “Winshluss” Paronnaud.

First deluxe edition of DMZ from Vertigo is out, with loads of bonus content from critic Justin Giampaoli.

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Writer Colleen Mondor on a whole lot of new graphic novels & more.

They really love Thor: God of Thunder at The AV Club. Previews there look great.


Writer Ned Raggett looks back at New Order’s Technique at The Quietus.

‘Respect Yourself’ “does what the best music writing does…it gazes beyond the music itself.”

Liumin is gorgeous. A Norwegian train journey soundtracked by the whole DeepChord / Echospace album.


A #longreads guide to ‘The X-Files.’

A Stephen King book annotated by a man who would adapt the novel for film masterfully (although King disagrees).

William S Burroughs “started writing at the age of eight, imitating adventure and crime stories.”

On the typography employed in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001.