Clickable: Longform writing in 2015

best longform writing 2015

Longform writing 2015: Like many people, I spent a lot of time reading long articles last year. I sifted through what writing stayed with me for days after having read it during the course of the year, and excluded work that was primarily concerned with the campaign season because it just exhausted me.

Here is some of my favorite writing published online this past year — it’s a mix of investigative reporting, essays, food writing, and more:

The Chef Who Saved My Life (Brett Martin, GQ)

The Answer is Never (Sabine Heinlein, Longreads.com)

The Really Big One (Kathryn Schulz, The New Yorker)

The Entire Season: An Elegy for Charlie Trotter (Matthew Frank, Electric Literature)

Underworld: How the Sinaloa Cartel Digs Its Tunnels (Monte Reel, The New Yorker)

To Milk & Honey (Maya Gurantz, Avidly/The Los Angeles Review of Books)

What It Really Means to Eat a Big Mac at the Arctic Circle (Elisabeth Stokes, EATER)

Blood Ties (Nathan Heller, The New Yorker)

Hellbent, but Not Broken (Eva Holland, SB Nation)

The Lonely Death of George Bell (N.R. Kleinfield, The New York Times)

See also a post that collects my own published writing from 2015.

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