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João, he is mystery

At Longreads, writer Tom Maxwell remembers Brazilian songwriter, masterful jazz guitarist, and bossa nova pioneer João Gilberto, who passed away in Rio de Janeiro on July 6th.

The sun is up, the sky is blue

Beatles white album esher demosAt The Atlantic, journalist James Parker writes about The Beatles’ self-titled ninth studio album (the one we call The White Album). This November marks the 50th anniversary of the record that took five bitter months to make, the same one that saw an exit from legendary studio engineer Geoff Emerick (who’d been on board since Revolver‘s first session, for “Tomorrow Never Knows”) as well as Ringo Starr’s week-long departure midway through.

Shelved Velvets

More than a dozen years after The Velvet Underground called it quits, the band was contacted by Verve, the record label that had released the legendary avant-garde rock act’s debut LP as well as its chaotic follow-up, White Light/White Heat. A 1980s-era CD reissuing effort of VU’s albums at the label turned up a bunch of unreleased and “mostly unmixed” recordings that were deep in its parent company’s vaults.