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The Black Hood, Drawn Onward, March, Space Riders

There was a diverse set of work from comics artist Michael Gaydos on display in Beacon, NY this past March. Mad Dooley Gallery’s “Michael Gaydos: Collected” highlighted a versatile career in comics — from his strange, full-color contribution to a story in Mirage Comics’ 1992-era Turtle Soup to gorgeous inked pages from Alias, on which he worked with Brian Michael Bendis.

‘The Package,’ ‘Southern Bastards’

Sketchy line work and frenetic brush strokes nearly obscure the action early-on in new digital-only graphic novel The Package. Co-creator Alexis Ziritt’s blotty backdrops make it difficult to distinguish when a hotel’s table fan and desk chair begin and end in the first few pages, where two miserable hitmen — who are working together in dry and dusty “Vista Del Sol, Mexico” — trade threats and eventually, let their tempers get the best of them.