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December is for monsters

There are some new full-color ballpoint pen illustrations—ornate and sinister—from award-winning comics artist and writer Emil Ferris in the December print issue of Artforum (for now, the post online is subscriber-only content but they’ve excerpted some of what’s in the magazine).

emil ferris comics artforum

At the Chicago Reader in 2017, I wrote about Ferris’s blockbuster debut graphic novel—a knotty blend of memoir, pulp horror, detective fiction, and historical drama called My Favorite Thing Is Monsters. Back in 2014, I wrote about a comics-focused summer issue of Artforum.

Image © Emil Ferris 2018 via Artforum (December 2018).

ARTFORUM’s Comics-Heavy Summer Issue

The editors of ARTFORUM magazine welcomed fifteen comics and animation professionals to contribute their perspectives on the modern condition of both mediums, and, according to the summer issue’s introductory article, to “delve into the history of comics and the graphic novel and their fraught relation to contemporary art and literature….” — an ambitious endeavor that, even in steamy July, offers lukewarm results.