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Two of us sending postcards, writing letters

Just after her baby Riel was born in March of 2015, comics artist, painter, and illustrator Alison McCreesh began to fantasize about carting him and her husband Pat on a sprawling journey that would take them to regions of the world that are classified  under the “Circumpolar” category — Finland, Russia, Greenland (Denmark), and elsewhere.

norths postcard comics alison mccreesh

Profit before all life

In the late 1980s, British comics artist and graphic illustrator Sue Coe began to visit slaughterhouses in America, Canada, and in England, documenting in sketchbooks the systemic horrors that she witnessed at those facilities. 

The refuse of a nation

A new work from Brooklyn-based illustrator, painter, and animation artist Matt Huynh dramatizes a moving piece of fiction by Pulitzer Prize-winning author and critic Viet Thanh Nguyen.

matt huynh animation viet thanh nguyen