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Light and liveliness in Jon McNaught’s comics

jon mcnaught comics illustrations

On top of the stuff from UK comics creator, printmaker, and illustrator Jon McNaught that I’ve been meaning to get to since we closed the curtain on 2014 is a folded-over copy of the Fall/Winter issue of Smoke Signal, a newspaper comics anthology published quarterly by Brooklyn’s Desert Island comics shop.

Tim Lane’s The Lonesome Go

In The Lonesome Gocomics artist and graphic illustrator Tim Lane profiles familiar, typically unshaven folk: bar flies, train-hopping drifters, biker types. His subjects aren’t often shackled to homes or jobs, and in turn, Lane doesn’t weigh them down with backstories or peripheral details. Travel and highways are frequent motifs — everybody’s moving. There are buses, boats, rail lines, gas stations, pickup trucks, and long road trips. Lane’s weathered characters lumber in and out of motels and half-empty saloons on these big, black-and-white pages; they slip suddenly into surreal predicaments, where the pen strokes prove elastic and unpredictable. My new piece on this book is live at Hyperallergic.

tim lane comics lonesome



Lots of stuff going on — writing long things, not really welcoming fall weather, and oh yeah, we moved. And it’s great. Still in Brooklyn. If you regularly send me books, my address has changed so get in touch (dominic.umile@gmail.com). In the meantime, some things worth reading.