Links to things I’ve written, read, or really, really, mean to read soon.


I wrote recently about two crime comics that have held my interest of late — a graphic novel called The Package and a new Image series called Southern Bastards.

“Eagerly hand-­selling it: This is a lovely book” – NYT Books on graphic novel This One Summer.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 7.51.03 PM

My post on INJ Culbard’s rendering of time and intimacy in his new, somewhat difficult original graphic novel Celeste.

Italian journal ‘Vita’ launched a blog to celebrate its artwork — beautiful stuff.

1973-era NFL artwork from comics legend Jack Kirby: Wow.

Via The Rumpus, an in-depth overview of a recent NYC forum featuring comics artists Scott Cunningham and Peter Kuper.

Granta interviews Adrian Tomine: “I think I’m generally trying to write realistic stories about regular people.” Via the New Yorker‘s Culture Desk blog, Tomine discusses his latest cover for the magazine.


Chris Hedges’ book w/ comics journalist Joe Sacco has been called into question. My 2012 preview of Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt.

New dark, wonderful comics from Emily Carroll (H/T @Robot6)

Bright new Penguin covers from comics artist Luke Pearson.

Digging this ‘Comics Club’ Tumblr (Write-ups, photos — a “swap meet by mail of unexpected comics”).

Conservative author Amity Shlaes’s graphic novel “is not history, but right-wing talk radio with speech balloons.


Future noir: “Escape From New York is ostensibly an action film in a dystopian setting.”

“For its many faults, ‘Silicon Valley’ makes for engrossing television.”

Critic Sarah Horrocks on the “slow burn horror” of Rosemary’s Baby (nifty 2011 silkscreen, too).

Excellent Jessica Valenti column: Why do women love The Walking Dead? It might be the lack of rape scenes.


The story of how The Texas Chainsaw Massacre got made (H/T Longform.org).

‘Mad Men’ is “all about family. About knowing and being known. Real family.”

NYT on creating the train sections for the Snowpiercer film, based on the 1982 French graphic novel.

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