Catch up: new stuff I’ve read about, written about, am listening to, etc.


Ed Brubaker’s Velvet counters spy films’ “secretaries, ornamental Bond girls, sexualized villains” stereotypes.

ARTFORUM surveyed comics and animation in their summer issue. They didn’t bother to cover many new ideas/books, and tracking down women to write for the issue was evidently difficult — my new post on the magazine’s efforts. Thanks to Robot6 and Comics Reporter for linking to it this week.

Lots of context, beautiful images in this Comics Journal column on “Hayashi Seiichi’s Pop Music Manga.”

Comics Alliance chats up Meags Fitzgerald about her compelling graphic history of photobooths. I wrote a piece on it, too.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 8.33.29 PM

Great shots of Joe Sacco’s comics panorama The Great War, now in Paris metro.

Via Wired (UK), comics creator Kazuto Tatsuta got a job at a nuclear plant after Japan’s tsunami.

wrightson_1971_hustonmetronconventionWild gallery here from Bernie Wrightson (various stuff — album art, magazine work, etc.).

“Everyone knows there’s a new BATMAN book … a new issue of SPIDER-MAN, etc. But SHELTERED, SOVEREIGN, UNDERTOW?

Medium chats with Hip Hop Family Tree comic creator Ed Piskor.

Mark Waid returns to Boom Studios. Re-up: I wrote about his 2011 comic Potter’s Field & NYC’s mysterious burial site.

Visuals in recent ‘New Avengers’ one-shot look wild. Oliver Sava at The AV Club highlights its “engaging story and stunningly imaginative artwork.”


This new book on the history of UK sound system culture, rooted in Jamaica, looks fantastic.

Robin “Thicke isn’t just embarrassing his ex-wife on this record, he’s violating her right to privacy.”

Loveless (My Bloody Valentine) engineer Anjali Dutt helped emphasize “the cerebral and the textural” on Oasis’s 1994 debut.

Killer Mike: “Doubt has always fueled me. I get nervous before every show.

‘Miracle Across 110th Street: The Gift of Bobby Womack’ (Hazlitt)


New Foxcatcher trailer at The Dissolve. BrowBeat on it and the 1996 murder that took place near my hometown.

Snowpiercer’s “underclass uprising is brutal w/ much hand-to-hand combat in confined jolting spaces.”

On the role of bureaucracy in Snowpiercer.


Gay Talese, one of my favorite writers ever, on the Verrazano bridge construction. Do you know about his roots?


PoB-08-Gunn-cover-lrPeter Matthew Bauer, Liberation! (Mexican Summer, 2014)
Mobb Deep, The Infamous (Loud, 1995)
Link Wray, Early Recordings (Ace Records, 2006)
Sharon Van Etten, Are We There (Jagjaguwar, 2014)
Teebs, Estara (Brainfeeder, 2014) — My 2010 piece on his Ardour in The Brooklyn Rail.
Ricardo Tobar, Trellis (Desire, 2013)
Steve Gunn, Time Off (Paradise of Bachelors, 2013)

Image © 2014 Meags Fitzgerald. Image © 1970 Bernie Wrightson.