Here are some links to what I’m reading, writing about, thinking about between snacks. Find more links in the Clickable archive, and more of my recent work is here.


I wrote about two new/recently collected comics from Michel Fiffe and Farel Dalrymple: COPRA and The Wrenchies.



“This is no small event in the history of superheroes” | Abraham Riesman on Marvel’s axeing of Fantastic Four.

Critic Paul Gravett on new comics from Myriad Editions, Jonathan Cape, SelfMadeHero and more.

Daredevil no. 225, 1985 (Marvel): Original hand-painted color guides by David Mazzucchelli and Ken Feduniewicz.

Here’s some 1995-era Sam Henderson in Heavy Metal. My Comics Journal piece on his recent collection.

Best American Comics CoverBest American Comics 2014thoroughly engages the lifetime comics reader and the uninitiated alike.” Series editor Bill Kartalopoulos shares “Notable Comics” (with lots of links, info). The Stranger‘s Paul Constant gets candid about his love for the new edition. Françoise Mouly and Mina Kineko spotlight a couple of entries in the new collection.

Writer Edwin Turner on Roman Muradov’s “imaginative, playful, and rewarding” graphic novel from Nobrow Press.

Via The Atlantic, Katha Pollitt looks at Jill Lepore’s book on the origins of Wonder Woman.

Via The Beat, the wonderful Comic Arts Brooklyn festival announces its programming.

OFF LIFE chats w/ comics creator Michael DeForge. My piece on Ant Colony.

Enjoyed meeting Comics Journal editor Tim Hodler before his interviewing Richard Gehr about New Yorker cartoonists at Book Court in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago. An excerpt from Gehr’s book.

A page from Alison Sampson’s contribution to the 50th anniversary issue of Creepy. I mean, wow.

Rachel Cooke writes for The Guardian about Charles Burns’s new graphic novel Sugar Skull.

Tobias Carroll on two comics and how some elements “can be used by different storytellers in vastly different ways.”



Grantland on the late 1960s/early 1970s-era roots of the revenge thriller film.

An Entertainment Weekly editor took a chance on a pitch for an epic-length piece on Michael Mann’s Collateral.

Creative Review looks at the type that opens each Twin Peaks episode.


The Chicago Reader: Before his 2013 death, Jason Molina “used his songs to confront the darker side of humanity.

COPRA image ©2014 Michel Fiffe. Best American Comics image ©2014 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Pretty Deadly image ©2013 Emma Ríos.