Today’s links. Sit, have a good read.


Authors, editors, comics artists and more on their “Desert Island Graphic Novels” via SF Signal.

Essay from PopMatters writer Matt Derman — a well-argued piece on Scott Snyder’s pre-New 52 Batman run. If you like the sounds of what Derman discusses here, I’d strongly recommend Batman: The Black Mirror. Michael Stewart, also at PopMatters, has a 2011 piece here on the issue that concludes the story at the center of The Black Mirror (beware of spoilers therein, however).


Lengthy look at “oft-studied literary figure” Frankenstein over the years, DC comics style at Sequart.

At Thirteen Minutes, Justin Giampaoli continues to crank out deep pieces on Brian Wood’s ‘The Massive.’

On sci-fi comic ‘Snowpiercer’ and its unique “refusal to adhere to any of its predecessors’ conventions.”

Author and Boing Boing writer Cory Doctorow on Ray Fawkes’s graphic novel One Soul — includes preview.

Cannon, a collection of work from legendary comics artist Wally Wood via Fantagraphics, looks pretty amazing.


Science fiction writer Greg Egan on Her at MIT Technology Review. Egan’s piece is capped with a lovely illustration from comics artist R Kikuo Johnson.

I, Frankenstein is “a machine-tooled franchise-starter, series-ready, and prepped to storm any medium,” writes The Dissolve’s Tasha Robinson.

David Denby at The New Yorker on American Hustle — I’d quibble for days with the idea of identifying it as a comedy, but otherwise, dead-on. Really glad I caught this in the theater. (Links to The New Yorker here are generally going to be late. The magazines pile up on my desk, and I catch up when I can!)