Weekend reads here. Dive in.


Unknown sounds, stories of India’s 1960s rock bands.  My 2011 PopMatters piece on psyche-funk compilation Psych Funk Sa-Re-Ga!: Seminar: Aesthetic Expressions of Psychedelic Funk Music 1970-1983.

This band Temples seems worth your time — enthusiasts of 1960s pop and psyche stuff.

If you climbed into a friend’s car to catch an all-ages show in the late 1990s, AV Club writer Jason Heller might’ve been there, too.

FACT Magazine on a 20 year-old Digable Planets gem. The Meters’ drum break and the Grant Green guitar loop on “Black Ego” has often rendered it a more-than-once-daily play for me.


Comics journalism via The Global Mail — a guard’s work at an Australian detention center.

More comics journalism from Andy Warner at Medium’s ‘The Nib.’

Dan Kois at Slate Books on the memoir comics of Michel Rabagliati.

I don’t go in much for the comics-to-TV hype, but the NYT highlights some good books here.

The Comics Journal examines a modern Batman story and its treatment of “The Joker’s implicit homosexuality.”

“Imagine if you will…”

PW’s Comics World has a peek at the gorgeous new graphic novel from First Second by Danica Novgorodoff.

The New Yorker‘s Page Turner folks look at the forthcoming graphic noir from artist Jules Feiffer.

This is awesome: Comics creator Matt Fraction looks at an issue of Miller/Mazzucchelli-era Daredevil. My editor at The Comics Journal’s site, Dan Nadel, on the Miller/Mazzucchelli Daredevil: Born Again Artist’s Edition.



Philip Seymour Hoffman’s impact, and how “we classify and patronize our performers, even the best ones.”

1987’s RoboCop is a “complex organism that’s made to seem stark and simple.” I recently tried to watch the original, which I loved as a kid. I did not make it through the first 20 minutes.

Lots of superlatives here, but ‘True Detective’ stuns me. I think about an episode for days after I’ve seen it.

Gizmodo on how Criterion brings its movies back from the dead.