Some links worth passing along.


I missed this Comics Reporter interview with comics creator Jeff Lemire, whose body of work includes The Underwater Welder, Sweet Tooth, Essex County, and more.

At The Comics Journal, writer and artist Katie Skelly on The Adventures of Jodelle, which “confuses the realms of advertisement and fiction.”


Jason Sacks writes that Shigeru Mizuki’s “dazzling art veers between caricature & realism on many pages” of Showa 1926-1939 in his Comics Bulletin column.

UK comics critic Colin Smith is somewhat disappointed in Marvel’s new Wolverine book, ‘Origins II,’ suggesting that it “could have been something remarkable.”

Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing blogs about those handsome-looking new editions of DMZ, which will include loads of back matter from Justin Giampaoli. A while back, Doctorow was kind enough to spotlight my PopMatters essay on DMZ and Bush’s torture program.

Kotaku highlights an unconventional Superman fan comic from writer Gerado Preciado and artist Daniel Bayliss.

Race and the “natural result when the (comics) industry spends decades prioritizing white male characters,” from NPR’s Code Switch.


I’m always up for the story behind the story — Washington Post reporter Erik Wemple talks to The Record (Bergen, NJ) about breaking the Chris Christie story. The New York Times followed-up, too.

Speaking of all things “behind the news,” the Longform podcast has become near and dear to me. Here’s ex-NYT reporter/editor Joe Sexton.

I’m finishing the exhaustive Ryan Lizza New Yorker story from December on surveillance and President Obama.