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Critic Laura Sneddon on the English deluxe edition of 1980s French sci-fi graphic novel ‘Snowpiercer’ from Titan Comics.

Jared Gardner on ‘Pachyderme,’ a “hallucinogenic fantasy” from Frederik Peeters.

Frank Miller’s “thrill-seeking, bloodthirsty sadist was definitively not *my* Batman.”

Oliver Sava at The AV Club writes about the “Marvel Now!” initiative.

Slate on the ‘Blue Is the Warmest Color’ graphic novel, the film adaptation of which was nominated for a Golden Globe award.

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PopMatters scribe Greg Carpenter is writing at Sequart about canons, critics, consensus within the comics medium. Also at Sequart, Julian Darius wrote about coloring, re-coloring, and ‘Miracleman,’ which Marvel has begun to re-publish as of this week.

Kirby made sense for a ‘2001’ comic, as “he excelled at drawing futuristic technology and he thought in widescreen.” (via The Dissolve)

The 1950s-era ‘Psychoanalysis’ from EC Comics understandably didn’t last very long. (via Retronaut)


I got a couple of those lovely Miles Davis mono vinyl reissues as gifts over the holidays. Writer Malcolm Jones on the nine-album box set.

“Dave Van Ronk had actually lived the sort of life Dylan made up.” (via The Guardian) Hazlitt on Inside Llewyn Davis and Van Ronk’s legacy. Luc Sante has a great piece at the NYRB blog on the Coens’ film. I love the look, the sounds, and the performances at the center of Davis, but I share Sante’s frustration relating to the somewhat static character on which it’s focused, and agree that it’s “no more than a rambling anecdote,” unfortunately.

There is now an oral history of Juice, and I am very grateful for this. (via NahRight)